Handmade Chocolate Truffles

Shaloha, my friends!

My name is Bliss and I would like to introduce you to my confectionery delights. 

My handmade chocolate truffles are created with all natural, preservative-free ingredients and love. I use only the finest ingredients, including organic butter, organic heavy cream, and 65% cocoa mass chocolate from Cordillera, which is a fare-trade chocolate, grown with organic practices. I make all my own fruit purees using organic fruit. The base of my ganache is either organic cream or organic coconut cream. All the syrups, extracts and nuts I use are organic. We do not use corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMOs or refined sugar. Really I just try and use the highest quality ingredients I can find. 

I offer a vegan variety for most of the flavors of my truffles. They contain organic coconut cream, Earth Balance organic coconut spread, chocolate and fruit purees. There is no major difference between the dairy and non-dairy in texture or flavor, although some customers have thought the vegan versions are actually creamier.

We also offer our own diabetic friendly dark chocolate truffles that are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and only plant based sweeteners.

Every one of my truffles is created with loving care and individually hand rolled, hand dipped, designed, packaged and labeled with your enjoyment in mind.

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