About Bliss

My name is Bliss, which is a name that was given to me many years ago by friends and family. I have enjoyed creating and preparing food from many styles and cultures for years. One day it just came to me that I wanted to bring the world of Bliss to my food. Do you remember when you were growing up and your parents would say "Stop playing with your food!"? Well, I never stopped! Also, the reason Wunders is spelled with a U is because I have so much FUN bringing a bit of my culinary delights to your palate. Bon Appetit', my friends. Namaste, whoooooosh. Peace, love, happiness, and chocolate. I use all natural and organic ingredients and our base chocolate is fare trade and made with organic practices.

Brother Bliss

My Ideas

My ideas and concepts may not fit in with everyone else. I love chocolate and want to keep my business small enough that I can always provide the highest quality product possible and not focus on the quantity delivered.... 

I have used many sayings in my life but one has always stood out with me:

"If you have love in your heart you'll always be respected, if you have respect, you'll always be loved."

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